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The RD Story

Quality. Affordable. Focused. 

Hi, I am Adam Romito, Owner of RD Aire.  Our story is quite simple.....  Quality flight instruction at an affordable price, with clean, up to date, well maintained aircraft with the latest in technology, while still remaining focused on the commitment to our students.  


RD Aire was a pipe dream between myself and close friend, Quintin Dupper.  Together, we tuned that dream into a reality.   Quintin was my first CFi in my flying journey and I was his first student.  During our time together we realized that there was a lot of things that could be done better in the flight instruction process.  From curriculum, scheduling, billing, safety, and even how students interacted with their instructors.  There was room for improvement in every aspect of the process, Hence the birth of RD Aire....

We set out to make the joy of learning to fly, an actual joy again.  We have streamlined our process to create a fun and exciting learning experience.  We utilize the most up to date scheduling and billing software as well as we meticulously maintain and keep our aircraft clean. I feel like if you're paying good money for something, you should be getting your whole dollars worth, not just part of it.

You're not just a student here at RD, you're part of our family.  We take pride in our product and we want to see you succeed.  My team and I thank you for giving us the opportunity to help you in your journey to the skies.


Adam Romito    

Maya Roth

"I recommend RD Aire to any of my friends considering flight training, due to the kindness and flexibility of the staff, availability and quality of aircraft, and the level of instruction that RD offers. I was fortunate enough to fly with multiple instructors during my training, all of whom brought different perspectives, and ultimately helped me achieve my goal of becoming a pilot. I cannot recommend RD Aire enough to people who are hoping to do the same! "
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